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Declan x Blotto Minor


Crafted for the casual and professional photographer alike, the Declan x Blotto Minor is perfect for making sure you don't miss the perfect shot due to a wet or dirty lens. Made in collaboration with photographer Dean Blotto Gray, this piece is just what you need when you need it. Use the durable Tyvek pouch to keep it clean and dry during your next photo mission.

Follow Blotto as he travels the globe for the perfect shot via his website, Instagram, Flipagram, EyeEm, Soul ID, and Facebook.

  • 9 x 9 inches (23.3 x 23.3 cm)
  • Declan M220 fabric
  • Unsewn finish
  • Tyvek storage envelope with magnetic closure

What are Declan M Fabrics?

additional details

  • 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide
  • Hand wash recommended, hang dry
  • Imported